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Shelter Plus Care

This is a HUD-funded, tenant-based program for persons or families who are homeless and severely and persistently mentally ill. It allows qualified individuals/families to receive rental assistance in the unit of their choice, as long as it meets HUD's Housing Quality Standards. This assistance goes with the tenant and can be transferred anywhere within the city limits of Sioux Falls. Shelter Plus Care clients must agree to participate in case management provided by Southeastern Directions for Life.

To apply for the Shelter Plus Care program contact Southeastern Directions for Life at 605.336.0503


Our Mission

The mission of the Sioux Falls Housing & Redevelopment Commission is to improve the quality of life for the Sioux Falls Community, specifically its lower income residents, by administering housing assistance payments programs, promoting the development of affordable, decent and safe housing opportunities, and economic self-sufficiency in a non-discriminatory manner.

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